What Should Be in a Preschooler’s Backpack?

As a parent, ensuring your preschooler is well-prepared for their day at school is essential. One of the essential items for a preschooler is their backpack. A carefully packed backpack can significantly affect their comfort and readiness for the day ahead. This article will discuss the essential items that should be included in a preschooler’s backpack. From school supplies to personal belongings, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will discuss What Should Be in a Preschooler’s Backpack.

Starting preschool is an exciting milestone for both children and parents. As you prepare your little one for this new adventure, it’s crucial to pack their backpack with all the necessary items to support their learning, comfort, and well-being throughout the day. Let’s dive into the essential components of a preschooler’s backpack.

Backpack Selection

When choosing a backpack for your preschooler, opt for a lightweight and durable option that is appropriately sized for their small frame. Look for backpacks with padded straps to ensure comfort and adjustable features to accommodate their growth. Additionally, selecting a backpack with multiple compartments will help them stay organized.

School Supplies

In the early preschool years, children engage in various activities that promote their cognitive and motor skills. Here are some essential school supplies to include in your child’s backpack:

Crayons, Markers, and Pencils

Preschoolers love to explore their creativity through art projects and coloring. Pack a small box of crayons, markers, or colored pencils to encourage their artistic expressions.

Safety Scissors and Glue

Safety scissors with rounded edges and child-friendly glue sticks are necessary for their craft activities and projects.

Sketchbook or Notebook

Include a sketchbook or notebook for your child to practice their drawing, writing, and early literacy skills. It can also serve as a place for them to jot down their thoughts and ideas.

Name Labels

Consider labeling your child’s school supplies with their name to avoid any mix-ups or lost items. It helps them identify their belongings quickly.

Snacks and Water Bottle

Preschoolers are known for their boundless energy, and keeping them fueled throughout the day is essential. Pack healthy snacks in their backpack to provide nutrients and keep hunger at bay. Some snack ideas include fresh fruits, granola bars, cheese sticks, or carrot sticks. Remember to include a reusable water bottle to keep them hydrated.

Extra Clothing

Accidents happen primarily when children are engaged in active play or messy art activities. It’s wise to include a change of clothes in their backpack, including underwear, socks, and a spare outfit. This way, your child can quickly change if their clothes get wet or messy, ensuring their comfort for the rest of the day.

Personal Belongings

Including a few personal items in your preschooler’s backpack can help them feel more at ease and provide a sense of familiarity. Here are some suggestions:

Comfort Item

If your child has a comfort item like a stuffed animal or a small blanket, allow them to bring it along to provide comfort during naptime or when they need extra reassurance.

Family Photo

A small family photo can be a source of comfort and a reminder of their loved ones throughout the day.

Favorite Book

Encourage a love for reading by including their favorite book in their backpack. It can be a great source of entertainment during quiet times or reading circles at preschool.

Safety and Health Items

Ensuring your preschooler’s safety and well-being is paramount. Here are some essential safety and health items to pack in their backpack:


If your child requires any medications, such as an asthma inhaler or an epinephrine auto-injector, ensure they are safely stored in their backpack, along with any necessary instructions.

Hand Sanitizer

Maintaining proper hand hygiene is crucial, especially in a school environment. Pack a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your child’s backpack to encourage good hand hygiene practices.

Sunscreen and Hat

To protect your child’s delicate skin from the sun’s harmful rays during outdoor activities, include sunscreen and a sun hat in your backpack.


Packing a preschooler’s backpack with the right essentials can contribute to their overall comfort, preparedness, and enjoyment of their time at preschool. By including school supplies, snacks, extra clothing, personal belongings, and safety items, you ensure your child has everything they need to make the most out of their day at school.

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