Manufacturer of backpacks files lawsuit against ‘Indiana Jones’ movie producers over satchel featured in the film.

“It’s truly enjoyable to witness a bag crafted right here in Duluth take on a prominent role in a major movie,” expressed Christian Benson, the owner of Frost River.

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According to Frost River officials, their bag, known as the Geologist Pack, was spotted by fans in the movie “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.”

“We noticed a significant surge in visits to the Geologist’s webpage, and then customers started emailing us, asking to have the logo removed,” Benson revealed.

Benson is confident that the bag featured in the film, without the logo, belongs to their exclusive handcrafted collection.

“People wonder, ‘How can you be sure it’s your bag?’ Well, what we create here is highly distinctive,” Benson asserted. “We use solid brass hardware, something very few manufacturers do.”

Frost River took legal action against Lucasfilm for using their backpack without consulting the company and subsequently collaborating with Filson, a direct competitor, in a joint marketing campaign.

“It’s simply not fair. We put in the effort to create this bag, and we want people to recognize that it’s our creation. Involving a third-party marketing entity only added to the confusion,” Benson explained.

To handle the legal process, the company assembled a team, and their attorneys are currently in discussions with the movie production company.

“We are the sole producers of that bag. While others may create something similar in appearance at some point, when it comes to what’s shown in the movie and what we sell on our website, it’s the genuine Geologist Pack,” Benson emphasized.

The potential financial implications of the case would be determined if it progresses to the court stage.

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As of now, Lucasfilm has not responded to requests for comment.

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