I embarked on a five-day expedition to the Great Smoky Mountains

In April, I embarked on a five-day expedition to the Great Smoky Mountains with nothing but a backpack. I was pleased that I packed layers of clothing, my camera, and a printed book. However, I regretted bringing along my iPad.

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Normally, I prefer to travel with only a backpack, whether it’s for short trips or two-week adventures. Packing light helps me move around easily and keeps me organized. Nevertheless, this particular trip was my first experience backpacking in a natural setting, so I sought the assistance of an expert.

I collaborated with Millie Bentley, a capsule-wardrobe stylist, to ensure efficient packing. Bentley is a designer and product developer at Aday, a company that specializes in creating “minimalist wardrobes for maximal benefits.”

With Bentley’s expertise, I selected the perfect attire for hiking, camping, and exploring nearby towns by foot, even with a rainy forecast, all while capturing photographs.

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Reflecting on the journey, I had everything necessary, thanks to my previous travels and Bentley’s recommendations. However, I barely utilized one item that I wish I had left behind for this nature retreat: my iPad.

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