How to Draw a Backpack in 2023 – A Step-by-Step Guide

You’re lucky if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to draw a backpack! This step-by-step tutorial guide you through creating a great-looking pack. Whether a beginner or an experienced artist, these instructions are easy to follow. So grab a pencil, a sheet of paper, and let’s get started!

Step 1: Introduction

Drawing a backpack can be a fun and rewarding experience. Whether you want to use it for school-related artwork or enjoy the drawing process, this tutorial will teach you everything you need to know.

Step 2: Understanding Backpacks

Before we dive into drawing, let’s take a moment to understand what a backpack is. Backpacks, also known as knapsacks, rucksacks, or school bags, are versatile bags with two straps that go over the shoulders. They are commonStudents commonly use them and other school supplies, but they are also popular among hikers, travellers, and businesspeople.

Step 3: Getting Started: Tools You’ll Need

Getting Started: Tools You'll Need
Getting Started: Tools You’ll Need

To draw a backpack, you’ll need a few essential tools:

  • Pencil: Choose a pencil with medium hardness, like an HB or 2B.
  • Paper: Use a clean sheet of paper that’s suitable for drawing.
  • Eraser: Keep a soft eraser handy to correct any mistakes.

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Step 4: Drawing the Bottom of the Backpack

Drawing the Bottom of the Backpack
Drawing the Bottom of the Backpack

Start by drawing a curved line at the bottom of your paper. This line will serve as the base of the backpack.

Step 5: Outlining the Front of the Backpack

Outlining the Front of the Backpack
Outlining the Front of the Backpack

Above the bottom line, draw a long, arching curved line. Connect this line to the corners of the bottom line. This will outline the front of the backpack.

Step 6: Adding Depth and Dimension

Draw another curved line from the top of the backpack to its bottom. This will give the bag a three-dimensional appearance.

Step 7: Detailing and Stitching

Add details and stitching to your backpack. Draw a curved line parallel to the side of the gear. Outline a pocket or pouch on the front using a curved line. This shape should overlap the outline of the bag. Draw a curved line parallel to the side of the pocket, giving it depth. Then, draw a pair of curved lines to connect the pocket to the top of the backpack.

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Step 8: Embellishing the Front Pocket

Embellish the front pocket with a pair of curved, horizontal lines. Draw an irregular rounded shape near the top of the backpack and draw a line across it. Use curved lines to outline the handle on top of the bag.

Step 9: Drawing the Shoulder Straps

Outline the shoulder straps using pairs of curved lines. These straps are what hold the backpack on your shoulders. Next, draw a buckle used to adjust the strap length by placing one pointed teardrop shape within another.

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Step 10: Creating a Water Bottle Holder

Draw a pair of short curved lines across the side of the backpack, and enclose a “U” shape beneath it. To make it look like a mesh water bottle holder, add a cross-hatching pattern – diagonal lines crossing one another at perpendicular angles – within the shape.

Step 11: Adding School Supplies

Now it’s time to add some school supplies to your backpack! Enclose a rectangular shape to form a notebook, with small circles at the top indicating the spiral binding. Use wavy lines across it to represent writing. Next to the notebook, draw a ruler and a pencil by sketching rectangular and pointed shapes, respectively. Use curved lines to outline the bulges of additional school supplies.

Step 12: Finishing Touches – Zipper Teeth and Water Bottle

Add the detail of zipper teeth along the seams by drawing small, straight lines across them. To depict a water bottle in the side pocket, use several curved lines to give it a cylindrical shape.

Step 13: Coloring Your Backpack

Now it’s time to get creative and add colour to your drawing. Backpacks come in various colours, so feel free to choose your favourite or match the official coyour school’s official colours.


If you want to draw a backpack, you must first figure out what kind of backpack you want to remove.

This will help you decide the pack’s size, shape, color, and other details. It would help to get the most important things into the bag when drawing a load. You need to make sure that you have everything that you need.

How can I draw a backpack?

To draw a backpack, start with a circle. Then, draw lines across the process to form the top and bottom of the bag.

How can I draw a backpack that has a zipper?

Draw the zipper first and then draw the rest of the backpack.

How do I remove a bag with a laptop, a tablet, a cellphone, a camera, and a computer?

Draw the pack first. Then, draw the laptop, the pill, the phone, the camera, and the computer on top of the backpack.

How do I make the straps?

Cut a piece of string around your shoulder and put the ends on either side of the bag.

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