Best Backpack for Shoulder Pain

As someone who has dealt with shoulder pain for quite some time, finding the perfect backpack that combines both comfort and functionality was a top priority for me. After extensively researching and testing various options, I am thrilled to share my personal experience with the ACSONS Men’s Backpack Light Luxury Men’s Travel Computer Bag.

This backpack stood out among the five similar products I tried, and it has proven to be the Best Backpack for Shoulder Pain while catering to all my travel and work needs.

Peak Design Backpack
1Our Pick
Peak Design Backpack
  • Capacity 30L
  • Best for Shoulder Pain
Eagle Creek Backpack
Eagle Creek Backpack
  • Laptop Compartment Dedicated 15-inch laptop compartment
  • Lockable Zippers Self-repairing

Peak Design Everyday Backpack for shoulder pain | best backpack for neck and shoulder pain

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L is a versatile, well-designed camera bag with excellent storage and protection for your photography gear. It’s specifically tailored to address the needs of individuals suffering from shoulder pain, making it an ideal choice for photographers who prioritize comfort without compromising on functionality.

  • Capacity 30L
  • Maximum Laptop Size Up to 16″ (See listing for exact measurements)
  • Dividers 3 Flexfold Dividers for cameras, drones, and lenses
  • Material Waterproof 400D nylon canvas with DWR coating
  • Zippers Premium weatherproof zippers

Why & Which Type of People Buy It? 

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L is perfect for photographers and videographers who suffer from shoulder pain or discomfort while carrying heavy camera gear. Its ergonomic design and excellent weight distribution provide relief and convenience during long shoots or travels. Additionally, photography enthusiasts seeking a reliable, weatherproof, and spacious camera bag will find this backpack an exceptional choice.


  • Comfortable & ergonomic design
  • Ample storage space
  • Weatherproof for protection
  • Comfortable for shoulders


  • It may be too large for some
  • The Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L is an outstanding investment for photographers dealing with shoulder pain.
  • Its thoughtful design, spacious interior, and weather-resistant features make it an excellent companion for any photography adventure.
  • While it may be pricier and more significant, its comfort and functionality make it worth the investment.

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WYNDEL Backpack for Men |
best backpacks for 
back pain college

This backpack from WYNDEL is designed to address shoulder pain and discomfort while providing functionality and durability. Here’s a brief review of the product:

  • Material Well-made nylon Oxford Cloth with leather stitching and polyester lining
  • Size Suitable for 15-inch laptops
  • Shoulder Straps Breathable, adjustable, and relieve shoulder pressure
  • Style Can be used as a backpack or single-shoulder bag with a removable strap

Why & Which Type of People Should Buy It?

The WYNDEL Backpack is an excellent choice for individuals suffering from shoulder pain caused by carrying heavy bags. It evenly distributes weight on both shoulders, reducing strain and discomfort. It’s particularly suitable for:

  1. Students & Professionals: Perfect for carrying laptops and essentials while commuting or travelling.
  2. Travel Enthusiasts: The anti-theft feature ensures your belongings are safe during your journeys.


  • Comfortable & Ergonomic: Relieves shoulder pressure with its breathable and adjustable straps.
  • Versatile Usage: Can be used as a backpack or single-shoulder bag, offering flexibility.


  • Limited Capacity: This may not be ideal for carrying large items.
  • The WYNDEL Backpack provides comfort and pain relief, making it an excellent choice for individuals suffering from shoulder pain.
  • Its durable construction and versatile design make it suitable for various purposes, but users with significant storage needs may find it limited.

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ACSONS Luxury Travel Computer Bag | best laptop backpack for back pain

The ACSONS Men’s Backpack is a light luxury travel companion designed to alleviate shoulder pain and provide exceptional functionality. This multi-functional backpack is made of high-quality nylon, ensuring durability, tear resistance, and water protection. Whether travelling, camping, hiking or on a business trip, this spacious backpack is ideal for unisex adults.

  • Color Black
  • Weight 6.17 pounds (2800 grams)
  • Department Unisex-adult
  • Manufacturer ACSONS
  • Instructions for Use Laptop, Travel, Business
  • Care Instructions Hand Wash Only
  • Imported from Country as Labeled
  • Age Range Description Adult
  • Total Capacity 17 Liters

Why & Which Type of People Buy It?

The ACSONS Men’s Backpack is an excellent choice for individuals seeking relief from shoulder pain caused by carrying heavy loads. This backpack is perfect for:

  1. Business Professionals: Its spacious interior accommodates laptops and essential documents for daily work routines.
  2. Travel Enthusiasts: The backpack’s durable design makes it an ideal companion for travellers who require a reliable and comfortable bag for their journeys.
  3. Outdoor Adventurers: For hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts, this backpack’s expandable capacity allows them to carry all the necessary gear without straining their shoulders.


  • Comfortable Design
  • Water-Resistant
  • Expandable Capacity


  • little bit expensive
  • The ACSONS Men’s Backpack is a top-notch Best Backpack for Shoulder Pain and excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality, multi-functional.
  • Its excellent design, water resistance, and expandable capacity make it a valuable asset for various activities.
  • While it may be slightly heavy, the benefits outweigh this minor drawback. Embrace comfort and durability with the ACSONS Men’s Backpack for all your travel, business, and adventure needs.

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Eagle Creek Tour Travel Backpack

The Eagle Creek Tour Travel Backpack 55L M/L is an excellent choice for those seeking a backpack to alleviate shoulder pain during travel. This backpack offers durability, comfort, and intelligent features, making it a standout option.

  • Material 600 Denier 100% post-consumer recycled ripstop fabrics
  • Main Compartment Book-style with compression straps and mesh pocket
  • Laptop Compartment Dedicated 15-inch laptop compartment
  • Rainfly Attached rainfly doubles as a back-panel suspension cover
  • Mesh Side Pocket Quick-grab travel essentials like water bottles
  • Exterior Compression Straps Secure additional gear
  • Lockable Zippers Self-repairing and puncture-resistant zippers
  • Front Pockets Two front pockets with key clip
  • Expansion Zipper Adds 7 litres of extra capacity
  • Shoulder Straps Padded Medium/Large articulated with breathable mono mesh, sternum straps, hip belt, and load lifter.
  • Warranty Eagle Creek’s No Matter What lifetime warranty

Why & Which Type of People Should Buy It?

This backpack is an ideal choice for travellers who prioritize comfort and durability. Thanks to its padded shoulder straps and articulated design, it is particularly suitable for individuals with shoulder pain or broader shoulders. Moreover, eco-conscious travellers will appreciate its use of 100% post-consumer recycled materials.


  • Comfortable ergonomic fit
  • Durable and eco-friendly materials
  • Expandable capacity for versatility


  • Limited colour options
  • Heavier than some competitors
  • Eagle Creek’s Tour Travel Backpack 55L M/L is a top-notch solution for travellers seeking a reliable and comfortable bag to alleviate shoulder pain.
  • Its durable construction, expandable design, and added features like lockable zippers make it a practical choice for various adventures.

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WATERFLY Sling Bag Crossbody Backpack | backpacks with back support for school

The WATERFLY Sling Bag Crossbody Backpack is a versatile and stylish solution for individuals dealing with shoulder pain. With its thoughtful design and multiple compartments, it proves to be a great companion for various activities.

  • Capacity 18L
  • Material Mesh
  • Dimensions Suitable for up to 13-inch computer
  • Strap Length Range 25.9 – 46.5 inches / 66-118cm
  • Features Umbrella Pouch, Water Bottle Holder, Headphone Hole

Why & Which Type of People Buy It?

This backpack is ideal for individuals suffering from shoulder pain, as it can be comfortably worn as a sling or crossbody bag. People who engage in outdoor activities like traveling, hiking, cycling, or amusement parks will find this bag perfect due to its spacious design and practical features. It’s also suitable for those seeking a stylish and durable bag for everyday use.


  • Versatile design
  • Water-repellent material
  • Breathable comfort padding


  • Limited capacity (18L)
  • The WATERFLY Sling Bag Crossbody Backpack is an excellent choice for those seeking relief from shoulder pain without compromising style and functionality.
  • Its innovative features, comfortable padding, and water-repellent material make it an attractive option for outdoor enthusiasts and everyday users.
How do I stop my shoulders from hurting my backpack?

To prevent your shoulders from hurting due to your backpack, follow these tips:
Adjust the Straps: Ensure the backpack’s shoulder straps are adequately adjusted to distribute the weight evenly. Tighten or loosen them as needed.
Use Both Straps: Always wear both shoulder straps to balance the weight across your shoulders, preventing strain on one side.
Padded Straps: Choose a backpack with padded shoulder straps to reduce pressure and discomfort.
Hip Belt: If your backpack has a hip belt, use it to transfer some weight from your shoulders to your hips.
Lighten the Load: Minimize the weight by carrying only necessary items. Consider leaving non-essential items behind.
Pack Smartly: Place heavier items closer to your back and lighter ones on top to maintain stability.
Use Compression Straps: If your backpack has compression straps, use them to secure the load and prevent it from shifting.
Proper Size: Pick a backpack that fits your torso length and is suitable for your carrying needs.
Take Breaks: During long walks or hikes, take breaks to relieve pressure from your shoulders.
Strengthen Shoulder Muscles: Regularly exercise and strengthen your shoulder muscles to comfortably handle the weight.
By following these tips, you should be able to reduce shoulder pain and discomfort caused by wearing a backpack.

Why does my shoulder hurt when I carry my backpack?

When you carry your backpack, your shoulder may hurt due to the strain on the muscles and tendons in that area caused by the weight and pressure of the backpack. This strain can lead to muscle fatigue and discomfort, especially if the backpack is heavy or improperly positioned on your shoulder.

Why do my shoulders hurt after carrying a bag?

Carrying a bag can cause shoulder pain due to the added weight and strain on your shoulder muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The repeated stress of carrying a heavy bag or carrying it on one side can lead to muscle imbalances, overuse injuries, and even inflammation. It is essential to distribute the weight evenly, use both shoulders or opt for a backpack with proper support to minimize shoulder discomfort.

How do you fix shoulder pain from carrying a bag?

Opt for a backpack or a bag with wide, padded straps to distribute weight evenly.
Adjust the straps to ensure the bag sits snugly against your back.
Carry the bag on both shoulders rather than just one to balance the load.
Lighten the load by removing unnecessary items from the bag.
Practice good posture and avoid slouching while carrying the bag.
Incorporate shoulder and upper back exercises to strengthen the muscles.
Apply ice to the affected area if there’s inflammation, and consider over-the-counter pain relief if needed.
If the pain persists, consult a healthcare professional for further evaluation and treatment.

Buying Guide

When you suffer from shoulder pain, finding the right backpack becomes crucial to prevent further discomfort and potential injuries. The ideal backpack should provide adequate support, distribute weight evenly, and offer ergonomic features to alleviate shoulder strain. In this buying guide, we will explore the key factors to consider when selecting the best backpack for shoulder pain, ensuring you can carry your belongings with comfort and ease.

Proper Ergonomics

Look for backpacks designed explicitly with ergonomic features that promote better posture and shoulder support. Features to consider include:

a. Padded Shoulder Straps: Thick, cushioned shoulder straps help reduce pressure on the shoulders and distribute weight evenly.

b. Adjustable Straps: Opt for backpacks with adjustable straps that customize the fit according to your body size and height.

c. Chest and Hip Straps: Backpacks with additional chest and hip straps can help stabilize the load and distribute weight away from the shoulders.

  1. Weight Distribution: Even weight distribution is essential to prevent excessive strain on your shoulders. Backpacks with a well-organized internal compartment and multiple pockets allow you to distribute the weight evenly throughout the bag.
  2. Size and Capacity: Choose a backpack size and capacity that meets your daily needs without being overly bulky. A smaller, compact backpack can encourage you to carry only the essentials, reducing strain on your shoulders.
  3. Supportive Back Panel: A well-padded and supportive back panel can significantly prevent shoulder pain. Look for backpacks with built-in lumbar support or padded back panels that follow the natural curve of your spine.
  4. Material and Weight: Select a backpack made of lightweight and durable materials. Lightweight backpacks ensure that the weight is primarily from your belongings, not the bag itself, easing pressure on your shoulders.
  5. Ventilation: Good ventilation in the back panel and shoulder straps is crucial to minimize sweating and discomfort, especially during hot weather.
  6. Consider Specialized Backpacks: If your shoulder pain is chronic or severe, consider specialized backpacks designed for orthopedic support. These backpacks are explicitly designed for individuals with back and shoulder issues, providing additional support and comfort.
  7. Test Before Buying: Whenever possible, try on the backpack before purchasing. Adjust the straps, check for comfort, and assess how it feels when carrying some weight. This hands-on approach will ensure that the backpack suits your specific needs and provides the desired level of shoulder support.


When shopping for a backpack to alleviate shoulder pain, prioritize ergonomic design, weight distribution, and supportive features. A well-chosen backpack will provide comfort, promote better posture, and reduce the risk of exacerbating shoulder issues. Remember to consider your needs and preferences while selecting the best backpack to support your shoulders throughout your daily activities.

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